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High Quality Solder

GENMA – soldering wire and solder paste in premium quality

GENMA sets the standards in the world of soldering. As a premium producer of solder wire, solder paste, and bar solder, GENMA provides reliable products, services, and solutions – on time, cost-efficiently, and of the highest quality. For automotive, industrial electronics, EMS, and consumer electronics.

The European market is served by GENMA Europe, with headquarters in southern Germany. We know our customers, their applications, and specifications. They state their requirements. We offer solutions and are their reliable partners – this is our promise.

GENMA Europe solder paste

Solder paste

GENMA solder paste – Rely on the premium quality by a global leader. Proven and tested many times, customized as required, with excellent references.


GENMA Europe solder wire

Solder wire

GENMA solder wire – we offer the right flux and suited alloy for every application. Whether for robotic soldering or manual soldering.


GENMA Europe bar solder

Bar solder

Professionals of all industries world-wide rely on GENMA bar solder. Absolute reliability and convincing quality without compromise.