Dispenser solder paste NP303-LHY-LS - GENMA Europe GmbH

WinDot S-005-NP303

SMD Jet dispenser solder paste, Type 5, for jet dispensing

winDot jet dispenser solder paste for jet dispensing

GENMA SMD solder paste – our jet dispenser solder paste WINDOT shows an excellent performance. The result are attractive soldering joints that are surrounded by clear flux residues.

- 3D-MID, 3-dimensional non printable PCBs
- Small and large components on same board
- Adding solder paste after printing
- non-printable substrates like flexible PCBs
- high performance modules
- cavity PWBs
- Connecting small wires with high precision

Product features:

  • SMD jet dispenser solder paste
  • No spatter
  • No solder beads
  • Clear residues

Technical Data:


Sn 96,5 / Ag 3,0 / Cu 0,5 / SAC305

Flux type


Powder size

5 (10-25 µ m)

Melting temperature °C

217 - 219