Dispenser solder paste NP303-LHY-LS - GENMA Europe GmbH


SMD dispenser solder paste for laser or reflow soldering

NP303-DPS101-T5 solder paste

GENMA SMD solder paste – our dispenser solder paste NP303-DPS101-T5 was developed to meet the high requirements during laser-soldering and it also makes for excellent results with reflow soldering. The solder paste does not splatter and creates no tin beads or flux spatter beside the soldering joint. It produces attractive soldering joints that are surrounded by clear flux residues.

The solder paste features a consistent adhesiveness during the pick-and-place process. Its consistent viscosity provides for an even and reproducible dispenser application.

Cleaning after soldering is not necessary. The solder paste can be soldered under air or nitrogen reflow.

Product features:

  • SMD dispenser solder paste
  • Application: Laser or reflow soldering
  • No spatter
  • No solder beads
  • Clear residues

Technical Data:


Sn 96,5 / Ag 3,0 / Cu 0,5 / SAC305

Flux type


Powder size

5 (10-25 µ m)

Melting temperature °C

217 - 221