Solder paste SMD - GENMA Europe GmbH


Low-temperature SMD solder paste for the second reflow solder process or extremely temperature-sensitive components


GENMA SMD solder paste – our SB2-MT355-GK is a low-temperature solder paste that is used in areas where a second reflow solder process is necessary or for temperature-sensitive components. The solder paste features good wetting properties and prints well.

Cleaning after soldering is not necessary. The low-temperature solder paste can be soldered under air or nitrogen reflow.

Product features:

  • Low-temperature SMD solder paste
  • Good wetting properties
  • Good printability

Technical Data:


Sn 42,6 / Bi 57 / Ag 0,4

Flux type


Powder size

3 (22-45 µ m)

Melting temperature °C

139 - 141