Solder paste NP303-NH355-GQ-2 - GENMA Europe GmbH


Our completely halogen-free solder paste


GENMA solder paste – our NP303-NH355-GQ-2 solder paste is completely halogen-free. Its good wetting properties guarantee perfect soldering joints - also on BGAs. Hardly any voids in the solder connections. Cleaning after soldering is not necessary. The solder paste can be soldered under air or nitrogen reflow.

Product features:

  • Completely halogen-free
  • Good wetting properties
  • Solder connections low in voids

Technical Data:


Sn 96,5 / Ag 3,0 / Cu 0,5 / SAC305

Flux type


Powder size

4 (22-38 µ m)

Melting temperature °C

217 - 219