Low temperature solder paste SB6-HLGQ-20 - GENMA Europe GmbH


Low-temperature solder paste for the second reflow solder process or extremely temperature-sensitive components

SB58-COSMO-NH-T4 solder paste

GENMA solder paste – our proven COSMO solder paste is now available with a low temperature alloy. The SB58-COSMO-NH-T4 is a low-temperature solder paste. Because of the low melting point it is used in areas where a second reflow solder process is necessary, for temperature-sensitive components or to save electricity with the lower reflow temperature needed.

The NP303-COSMO-LH-T4 SMD solder paste convinces with its outstanding printability, highly precise contours, long open time, and consistent adhesiveness in the pick-and-place process. Its extremely good wetting properties, also on difficult surfaces, produce perfect soldering joints on BGAs. Its extraordinarily consistent viscosity allows storage of up to 12 months which facilitates material planning. Moreover, solder paste can be transported without cooling.

Cleaning after soldering is not necessary. The solder paste can be soldered under air or nitrogen reflow.

Product features:

  • 12 month shelf live, transport without cooling, long open time
  • Excellent printability
  • Long open time on stencil
  • Consistent adhesiveness for >8h after printing ensuring a high reliable pick-and-place process
  • Excellent wetting properties
  • Low melting point
  • Halide free L0
  • Alloy of the solder paste does not contain silver

Technical Data:


Sn 42 / Bi 58

Flux type


Powder size

4 (22-38 µ m)

Melting temperature °C

139 - 139