If solder paste cannot be printed in the production of electronics, the solder paste must be applied using a different method. The needle dispenser method is the most widely used method for placing solder paste dots. Issues with this are the slow cycle times and accuracy with small quantities. Here, the jet dispensing method is clearly superior.

Dispensing valves for needle dispensing

Our dispenser solder pastes for needle dispensing are compatible with all common dispensing valves. Our solder pastes are suitable for time pressure dispensers as well as for spindle valve dispensers where the amount of solder paste is controlled via the spindle rotation.

Applications for dispenser soldering pastes

  • Small or large solder deposits are needed in addition to printed solder paste
  • Printing is not possible due to the shape of the PCB, e.g. dents
  • Repairs on assembled PCBs, BGA and QFN rework
  • 3D printed circuit boards, 3DMID
  • Flexible printed circuit boards
  • Prototypes (the jet dispenser is usually better suited for this)
  • Second soldering process with low temperature solder paste
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Alloy: Sn 96,5 / Ag 3,0 / Cu 0,5 / SAC305

Solder paste can and cartridge lead free - GENMA Europe GmbH


High thixotropic SMD solder paste with good printing and dispensing properties

Dispenser solder paste in cartridges - GENMA Europe GmbH


SMD dispenser solder paste for laser or reflow soldering


winDot B-005-NP303 T6

Jetting solder paste Type 6 for jet dispensing


winDot F-005-NP303 T7

SMD jet dispenser solder paste. Type 7. Dot diameters of 130µm possible


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