Jet dispensing solder pastes

High-end design and increased functionalities require electronics to get continuously smaller. Our winDot solder paste allows jetting small dots in an absolutely reliable process at a high speed. Besides speed and dot size, reliability is specifically important.

Jet dispensing solder pastes for electronics manufacturing

In electronics manufacturing, our jet dispensing solder paste allows dispensing of smallest dot sizes and can increase the density on boards. The GENMA winDot solder paste can be jetted to pads for the smallest chip component currently in use, which is known as a 01005. In prototyping and small-scale production the use of GENMA winDot solder paste is much more productive than stencil printing. In mass production, the solution is an ideal addition to filling up solder depots or add additional depots. Where it is not possible to print small solder paste depots, such as with flexible PCBs and 3D-MIDs (3- Dimensional Molded Interconnected Devices production), the system solution offers the fastest and most precise way of applying solder paste.

Jet dispensing solder pastes for modul packaging

The higher accuracy considerably increases the production yield compared to the currently used solder paste application methods. A small dot size combined with highest reliability and high speed also provide great advantages to module packaging, such as PoP (Package on Package) modules, CSP (Chip Scale Packages) modules , 3D printed circuit boards, and for mounting RF Shields.


Solder paste powder size

Smallest possible dot size

Recommended oxigen contend during reflow

Type 5

≥ 220μm

<1500 ppm

Type 6

≥ 200μm

<1500 ppm

Type 7

≥ 130μm

<1500 ppm

Clear filters
Flux classification
Powder size

Alloy: Sn 96,5 / Ag 3,0 / Cu 0,5 / SAC305

winDot S-005-NP303 T5

SMD Jet dispenser solder paste Type 5 for jet dispensing


winDot B-005-NP303 T6

Jetting solder paste Type 6 for jet dispensing


winDot F-005-NP303 T7

SMD jet dispenser solder paste. Type 7. Dot diameters of 130µm possible


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