Solder wires for laser-soldering

GENMA offers high-quality products for laser-soldering that guarantee the best soldering results with this most effective soldering method: 100% reliable without any scrap, clean and spatter-free, suitable for all typical laser-soldering applications.

Exclusively produced at our own production sites. This guarantees high-end quality from the material to the finished product. With our sophisticated filling technology and the use of extremely quick-wetting high-performance flux material, we provide the best conditions for safe connections and perfect soldering joints.

Advantages for selective laser-soldering

Soldering with a laser beam can be used in fully or partly automated processes in electronics production. This process has several advantages to offer:

  • Temperature: only the areas to be soldered are heated by the laser beam. Temperature-sensitive components, SMD components or plastic enclosures are not exposed to thermal stress because heat is applied only locally.
  • Non-contact soldering method: compared to iron-soldering, laser soldering can take place in areas on the PCB or 3D MID that are difficult to access. Only the thin solder wire needs to be fed and the heat is transferred without contact through the laser beam.
  • High accuracy: the further miniaturization in electronics production is only made possible through non-contact soldering via laser because non-contact soldering also increases accuracy. This precision is necessary for assemblies or components which must pass through an enclosure in the following step, for example LEDs.
  • Quick-acting control of the heat quantity: as the laser can be controlled individually, any soldering point can be soldered with an individual thermal profile. This allows the soldering of components and solder pads of different sizes, one after the other, within a selective laser soldering process. Laser power and diameter of the laser beam can be adjusted individually.
  • Process reliability: the laser soldering process is an extremely low-maintenance and excellently reproducible process. It requires suitable laser solder wires. Flux vapours and flux spatter must not contaminate the laser’s optical elements in order to avoid unnecessary system downtimes.
  • Process time: the handling times can be shortened considerably through laser soldering. Often, production steps can be combined by soldering various components together, in one process step, e.g. SMD components (e.g. with laser solder paste), pins, battery contact springs, stamped parts, fillets, connecting two circuit boards, two solder pads at a 90° angle to each other, wires, or connectors.
  • Component placement: because the heat is transferred without contact, the components need not be fixed. The components, cables or wires are loosely placed in a receptacle, which saves time and costs.

Solder wire for selective laser-soldering

With laser-soldering, the requirements on the solder wire are particularly high. To ensure reliable soldering processes:

  • The solder wire should deliver good soldering results at the high temperatures which occur during laser-soldering.
  • The solder wire should wet quickly to allow short cycle times.
  • The solder wire should not spatter to prevent contamination of the laser’s optical elements or the circuit board.
  • The flux core of the solder wire must not contain any air to ensure reliable processes.
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Flux classification
Colour of residues

Alloy: Sn 96,5 / Ag 3,0 / Cu 0,5 / SAC305


Our solder wire for laser soldering featuring extremely quick wetting properties


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