Solder wire containing lead

Lead-containing solder wires can only be used in a few exceptional applications. Exceptions are, for example, safety-relevant components in the automotive, aviation, military, and medical engineering industries where the priority is the safety of people. Most industries switched to lead-free solder wire when the RoHS Directive came into force in 2006.

As more and more applications use lead-free alloys, the production volumes of lead-containing solder wires have been significantly reduced. We have therefore continuously reduced our lead-containing solder wire range.

Advantages of lead-containing solder wires

  • High elasticity of the alloy
  • Low melting temperature range
  • Cost-efficient
  • Quick wetting
  • No whisker formation

Lead-containing or lead-free

Alloy Melting range (°C) Wetting time (s)
Lead-Containing Sn60 Pb40 (RH60) 183 - 190  
Lead-Free Sn96,5 Ag3 Cu0,5 (NP303,SAC305) 217 - 221 longer

Due to the melting range of the alloy, the wetting time of lead-free solder wires is generally longer than that of lead-containing solder wires. This is GENMA’s strength. Our lead-free solder wires with their high-performance fluxes ensure the fastest possible wetting.

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Alloy: Sn60 / Pb40


Standard lead containing solder wire with good wetting properties, without flux or tin spatter


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